A Prolonged Absence

I didn't mean to go a solid seven months without posting, but my absence has been due largely in part to being delightfully busy with art. I concluded my time with the Italy Intensives Program this past December and in January moved to Hidalgo, Mexico, where I've been working as an artist-in-residence for El Buho, a coffee-shop ministry in the heart of rock-climbing paradise. I've been keeping myself busy with murals, signs, paintings, and tattoos, as well as learning how to rock climb. I never knew how exhilarating and ADDICTING rock climbing is. It has been delightful to finally find a sport that I can get excited about, and such a breath of life to have the opportunity to be around other people who are actively growing in faith through community and servitude. The team at El Buho is made up of some of the most genuine, selfless, courageous people I have ever had the privilege to know. A group of mid-twenties dirtbags coming from all over the country to band together and love on people... it's really my dream community. Writers, Videographers, Coffee Enthusiasts, Engineers, Musicians- we get all kinds here, and all are welcome. I've only been here for a few months, but it has been utterly life altering. My passion for travel has been fueled beyond measure, my passion for love and life and God even more so. I've been able to take my talents (for lack of a better word) in art and music and tattooing and do incredibly meaningful work. Be it revitalizing old murals, painting watercolors of the crag, or sprawling out on a crashpad and getting to tattoo on yet another incredible human and hear their stories, my art has never felt more alive or more purposeful. I leave this beautiful, challenging place on Wednesday for a much anticipated road trip and a beautifully exciting new set of adventures, but I know that I won't be able to stay away for long.  To keep yourself more updated on my adventures than you can with this well loved but inconsistently updated blog, you can follow me on instagram at @jaybird_design and @jaybird_tattoos. 




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