A Semblance of Stability

A climbing excursion up Crowder's Mountain in North Carolina

A climbing excursion up Crowder's Mountain in North Carolina

Welcome to the latest update of my life! The last time we spoke I was finishing up my time as an artist-in-residence for El Buho, a christian coffeeshop ministry in Hidalgo, Mexico. Since then, I have made my way back to North Carolina through a series of road trips that have taken me to several states that I can now mark off my list. Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Ohio, and West Virginia were all pitstops on the winding road back to North Carolina, and now that I'm settled at home I have to admit that I've let loose a small sigh of relief. I won't be able to stay still for long, but I'm trying to enjoy the easy rhythm that I'm beginning to fall into with my work and family. 

The most exciting development is that I am now a fully licensed tattoo artist at Ink Therapy Tattoo Studios in Hickory, NC!! I am continuing to study under the experienced artists there, however I am no longer operating as an apprentice but as a proper artist. My speciality is illustrative blackwork, but I'm loving the challenges of color and grayscale that people are bringing me. I have a selection of tattoo photos up under the "Tattoos" tab and am working on getting a proper photo setup in my room at the shop. I am learning to navigate all the aspects of being an artist full-time, from schedules to supplies to marketing, and it's a slow process. I'm so appreciative of the patience from my clients as I steadily get all my ducks in a row, one bit at a time.  

Currently I am booked up through the 26th of July, for which I am incredibly thrilled and humbled. If you are interested in getting an appointment, I've added a "Booking" tab on this website where you can easily submit a request!