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A brief summation of an eclectic existence.

I am from a small town in the North Carolina mountains and completed my Bachelor of Fine Art in Illustration at East Carolina University. I have lived and worked as an artist in Italy and Mexico (where I met my now-husband) and am now back home in North Carolina where I work as an illustrator, muralist, and tattoo artist. I have recently been welcomed into the team at Ink Therapy Studios in Hickory, NC, where I will be based for most of 2019. I am passionate about the application of illustration in tattooing and specialize in fine-line illustrative blackwork. I am fascinated by symbology, spirituality, and body adornment and focus my art around images that explore the energetic expression of stories. My illustrations have been featured in shows across North Carolina, Italy, and the Society of Illustrators in NYC.  If you have any questions about commissions, tattoos, or simply want to know more about me and my art, send me a message below!  

P.S. “Jaybird” comes from my initials- J.B. (Jordan Bethany), and was my father’s favorite nickname for me as a child.

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